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At Eagle Crossing Self Storage, we’re dedicated to providing you with the secure self-storage you need at an affordable price. Our self-storage experts are here and available to deliver comprehensive service for clients of all needs, from a short-term stay between homes to long-term commercial plans, and more. If you have a question about our beneficial self-storage services, be sure to check below. Still need answers? Contact our staff and we’ll be happy to help!

Are There Any Contracts I Have To Sign?

There is a month-to-month contract you will need to sign to rent a storage unit.

Is There A Set Day Of The Month That Rent Is Due?

Rent is due on the first day of each month. Your first month is prorated from the date of rental.

What Are My Payment Options?

You can pay directly to the manager onsite, to the corporate office, or via automatic bill payment online.

Can I sleep in my storage unit?

No. Sleeping or living in your storage unit is absolutely prohibited at Eagle Crossing Self Storage. Any individual sleeping in a storage unit puts themselves at serious physical, legal, and financial risk. Your storage unit is meant for just that — storage. We believe in your privacy, so while there is no camera inside your storage unit, our24/7 surveillance monitoring and stringent security measures protect our grounds and will easily catch any blatant misuse of your storage space.

Can I Use My Storage Unit For Anything Other Than Storage?

No, storage units must be utilized for storage purposes only. Doing otherwise is not only illegal, but it can also be dangerous!

Do You Store Vehicles?

No, vehicle storage is not allowed on the premises of our Eagle Crossing Self Storage facility.

Do I Need To Purchase Insurance For The Property I Store At Eagle Crossing Self Storage?

Insurance is not required, but your personal property is not insured by our storage facility. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the storage renter to insure the property they are placing in the storage unit.

Is There A Price Difference Between Your Climate-Controlled And Non-Climate Controlled Units?

Yes, our storage units vary in price according to their size and features. View our self-storage pricing here.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Not to be confused with basic temperature-controlled units, climate-controlled storage units are designed to keep your space at a consistent temperature AND humidity level. There are many items that need to be stored in a specific climate to be protected from the damage caused by extreme heat, cold, and humidity changes.

What type of items require a climate-controlled storage unit?

Items that require climate-controlled storage include: antiques and collectibles, electronics, media like CDs or DVDs, bedding and mattresses, medications and medical supplies, paperwork and important documents, and furniture. Wood is especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures and temperature changes, and fabrics are particularly susceptible to mold, mildew, and fungus. You should also be on the lookout for anything made of metal or leather.

How do I decide if I need a climate-controlled storage unit?

The best way to decide if you need a climate-controlled storage unit is to take inventory of everything you plan to store in your unit. reference the list above, or ask an Eagle Crossing Self Storage associate if anything you plan to store requires a climate-controlled storage unit. Keep in mind that Colorado experiences a wide range of extreme temperatures throughout the year, so if you are storing a large variety of belongings you may need climate control to keep them protected.

Is There A Time Limit On How Long I Can Rent A Storage Unit?

No, there is not a limit to how long you can rent a storage unit, but all contracts are on a month-to-month basis. Call us today to learn more about our Windsor self-storage facility!