Living Room

Tips For Staging Your Home Part II—The Living Room

You’re taking steps to make your home look amazing as you’re getting ready to sell it. In our last post, we discussed ways to make your kitchen sparkle, and today it’s time to take a look at the living room or family room. This space is another key spot in the home where families and friends gather for game night, to binge on their favorite shows or just to relax and chat. Making it as comfortable-looking as possible is one of your top priorities.

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1. Clean (Again!)

We covered this in the last post, but it’s the most important factor in staging your home and setting yourself up for success. In the case of the living room, you will want to vacuum if there is carpet, mop if you have hard floor, dust all surfaces, and clean any furniture. If you have wood floors or surfaces, they may need some treatment if they are scuffed or messy. You can match the color of the stain and make floors, coffee tables, and chairs shine again.

2. Use Natural Light

Bright and lively rooms naturally draw in buyers. Rooms without enough light can turn people away. Some living rooms don’t have built-in light fixtures, so make sure to let as much light into the room as you can. When a buyer is coming, open up the shades so the sunshine can come on through. If you have trouble fully lighting a room naturally, adding in a few accent lamps can help too. Making built-in features like bookcases and TV nooks stand out is also an important usage of light sources. You want your potential buyers to fall in love with all the extra amenities that your space has to offer.

3. Use Statement Pieces

You want people to be able to envision your home as theirs when they view it, and they want to fall in love with a new home too. Try to use pieces of art or furniture that make a statement and create an emotional link to the room for the buyer. You may have personal photos hanging in your room right now, but it is time to pack those away for your new home. Great additions that stand out are beautiful artwork, small sculptures on end tables, or bold rugs. Even small accent pillows with various textures can help to create a pleasing atmosphere. Spice it up!

4. Rearrange

Move furniture around in the living room to show symmetry. Pair items like sofas, chairs, and lamps to create balance and invite conversation within your living space. If you have a lot of furniture or stuff built up in your living room, put some things in storage so that your space looks as open and as big as possible. If you have accumulated mismatched furniture, blankets, and decorations, keep only the items that color coordinate, so the room draws viewers in. If your living room has a nice big TV, then it can be a great focal point. Most folks will be looking for a space to put their own TV, so showcasing the best spot for it can help sell the room, and the home.

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