Tips For Staging Your Home Part III—Bedrooms

We want you to be able to sell your house effectively, so we’ve been working our way through the house to help you stage your home perfectly. So far we’ve explored the kitchen and living room, and today we’ll take a look at the bedrooms.

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We’ve been here before, and by now you’re probably a cleaning pro! Just like with any other room, cleaning is the most important part of staging.

  • Vacuum your carpets or mop any hard floors
  • Dust ceiling fans, dressers, and baseboards
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • Wash the dirty laundry

Make the space shine! Remove any dust, dirt, or grime from the space, and clean it more than ever before.


After you’ve cleaned, you may realize the walls have become dingy throughout your years of usage. Or possibly you’ve just personalized your walls over time, and it’s time to bring them back to basics for your potential buyers. You might have a super fun and bright color for your space, but neutral colors like light gray or tan simply look better when showing a home.


Make an effort to create a room that is lit beautifully. Use natural lighting whenever possible from open windows. However, make sure there are sturdy blinds or curtains for the room. Everyone wants to feel safe inside their own bedroom, and that includes keeping prying eyes out. Include a small lamp or two throughout the space to help make the room feel more cozy and comfortable. If your main light source is looking dreary, it could be time for an upgrade. Ceiling fans and beautiful fixtures are a big selling point for homebuyers. If some small lighting upgrades can fit into your budget, they can go a long way.


Speaking of light, take this opportunity to light a few candles! Your house has its own unique scent, but you probably don’t notice since you live there. Making a beautifully scented home will entice others to spend time in the space. If you’ve recently painted the room, it will smell of new paint, and that can also be unpleasant to buyers, so masking the odor with sweet scents from a candle can make the area more inviting. Cater to as many senses as you can when staging your bedroom, so you can make your house irresistible!


Since bedrooms become our “comfort spaces,” they often are the most cluttered room in the house. Coats, shoes, or laundry may be on the floor, and dressers regularly turn into catch-all spots for mail, keys, and spare change. It’s time to remedy that! Pick up anything that is strewn across the floor, box up unnecessary items, and clear off the dresser or nightstand. Package up some of the following items to be moved to your new home, or into temporary storage:

  • Extra phone and computer chargers
  • Water bottles
  • Books
  • Clothes that aren’t in season
  • Personalized pictures or art

You’ll be amazed how much extra space you have in your bedroom once all these are safely packed away! If you have any remaining necessities that can cause clutter, keep them in a box so you can quickly pack them away and place them in your car when you are leaving for your agent to show off your home.


After you’ve packed away your personalized decorations, consider spicing the room up with some tasteful enhancements. Small plants on the windowsill or dresser can help the bedroom feel more alive and vibrant. Art on the walls can showcase the best spots for buyers to place their own pictures, as well as offer an eye-catching statement that will draw them into the space.


The bed is the main feature of a bedroom, so make it look as nice as possible! Launder your comforter and sheets, or purchase a new set. You may not personally be a fan of decorative pillows, but they are an easy way to spruce up the room and add some color to the space. If your bed frame is plain metal, consider purchasing a newer one with a nice headboard. The bonus of all the bedding upgrades is that you get to bring all these things with you to your new house!


If you don’t already have a mirror or two in your bedroom, adding a couple can really help the appeal of the room. People want to be able to view their outfits from every angle to make sure they look great for the day. Mirrors also give the illusion of space. This can be particularly handy for making smaller bedrooms feel more roomy!


If you live with children, you know the constant struggle that keeping your child’s room clean can be. As you’re in the process of moving, it is best to remove as many large toys as possible like doll houses, tents, or train tracks. Some of these can be broken down and placed in storage containers easily so your kiddos don’t have to go without, but others will need to be put in temporary storage to keep the room as clean as possible for the viewers.


You may have a small spare bedroom that doesn’t see much usage. If you already have two or more beautifully staged bedrooms, and the smallest room is currently empty or being used as a storage space, redesign it to offer buyers more appeal. Light decoration as a home office, playroom, or entertainment area can increase its value in the minds of buyers. Get creative, use your imagination, and show off your house’s true potential!

In the end, you want the bedroom to feel like a retreat. It has to be the most comforting room. This is where you wrap up and drift peacefully to sleep. Store your out-of-season clothes, extra belongings, personal photos, and other items at Eagle Crossing Self Storage to really open up the space and make it shine. Call us today to reserve your own climate-controlled self storage unit in Windsor. Our staff is ready to keep your belongings safe while you prepare for your big move.