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Security Measures at Eagle Crossing Self Storage

When you’re looking for a storage unit facility to store your beloved items and belongings, you’re likely looking for more than just a space with a door. While many storage solutions are available throughout Windsor and the Front Range, keeping your things secure takes more than just a simple padlock on a metal roll-up door. At Eagle Crossing Self Storage, we take security seriously, and here’s how we ensure your storage space is secure.

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Computer-Controlled Gate Access

The first line of defense that we set up to keep our storage units secure is ensuring limited access to the units themselves. Our system is designed specifically for keeping units safe from any nefarious activity, and the gate will only allow authorized personnel into the facility at any given time. This means that there is never anyone in our facility who shouldn’t be there.

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High-Definition Security Cameras

We’ve all seen those crime TV shows where a suspect got away because the footage was too blurry. That’s why we only use high-definition security cameras within our facility! We’re always able to know what is happening within our facility the HD footage ensures that we don’t miss a thing. In the unlikely event of a theft or vandalism, our security footage will be helpful with any insurance claims or criminal proceedings, too.

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Professional Security Patrols

While technology is a great help in keeping our facility secure, we want to make sure that there’s a human element of protection, as well. We have professional, trained security patrols keeping an eye on our facility at all times. With our guards on duty to make sure everything is in order, you can rest assured that we’ll catch any issues that may come up and prevent any potential security breaches in our facility.

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High-Security Cylinder Locks

Last, but definitely not least, the final layer of security we ensure for our customers is high-security cylinder locks that are designed to keep your unit and your belongings safe and secure. Cylinder locks are one of the most secure lock options available on the market, and that’s why every unit at Eagle Crossing Self Storage has one included. These types of locks are drill-proof, strike-proof, and pick-proof, so you rest assured that your storage unit is safe!

At Eagle Crossing Self Storage, we’re dedicated to providing safe, security-protected storage solutions to our customers in Windsor and the surrounding areas! With our security measures and multiple layers of protection for each and every unit in our facility, we’re confident about keeping your belongings safe! We have a well-lit, security-patrolled, and technologically-monitored facility so you can be confident that both your items and you are safe when you’re at Eagle Crossing! Learn more about our storage options online today.