How To Store Your Vinyl Records

Are you an audiophile with limited space? Vinyl records have long been the gold standard for high-quality audio, but there is no denying that they take up a lot of space. If your collection is starting to get out-of-hand, then it may be time to consider renting a storage unit for your vinyl.

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The first thing to take into account when boxing up your vinyl collection is exactly how to package them safely so that they will last for a long time. Cardboard boxes or plastic containers are usually the best option. As long as the climate is dry, cardboard works very well. Beware of containers with rounded edges, as that can damage and bend records over time.

Always store your records vertically. Packing records horizontally can create a scenario that causes records to warp from the weight on them. You will also want to pack your records fairly tight inside the box. The goal is to create a brick with the records in your box. Be sure that there is enough space that you’re still able to remove individual records, but you don’t want any slanting or leaning vinyl.

When you store your boxes, do not stack them more than four high. Vinyl gets very heavy, and placing too many boxes on top of each other will potentially crush and ruin boxes that are lower in the stack.


Dust is very dangerous to vinyl, and it can cause permanent damage to records. Before packing up your records, take the time to wipe any stray dust from the discs as well as their liners. When cleaning the records themselves, always be sure to use a record brush. Do not use a cloth or the edge of your shirt to clean off records. These can leave behind fibers and strings that are just as harmful to your vinyl as the dust you’re trying to remove. Once your records are all cleaned and packed into their boxes, make sure you have taped up all open spaces. Dust likes to creep in through the cracks as time passes, and will cause harm to your collection.


In our digital age, vinyl is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to find or replace. The most important rule for keeping your collection of vinyl safe is to keep it in a controlled climate. If your records are in a place where moisture is able to get in, then it will cause mildew to grow inside of boxes and record sleeves. Both heat and cold can permanently destroy and warp your albums. If climate-controlled storage is not an option for you, wrap some extra blankets or packing material around your boxes in order to add a little extra insulation and control.

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