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Built Tough — What Our Storage Units Are Made Of

When you’re storing your belongings in a storage facility, you want to know that they’re safe from the elements and that they’re protected from potential damage. At Eagle Crossing Self Storage, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality storage solutions that are not just protected from potential wrong-doing, but also protected from the elements! That’s why our buildings and units are built tough. Let’s take a look at what exactly makes our storage units so tough, and what they’re made of!

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Commercial-Grade Building Materials

The best place to start with a tough building is with the materials. Our units and our facility are made from commercial-grade building materials, which means they’re designed to stand the test of time. Commercial-grade materials also ensure that our buildings are more protected from the elements, so you’ll never have to worry about sun damage, mold, mildew, or other natural elements harming our buildings and leaving your belongings unprotected.

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Fire-Retardant Walls

As Colorado residents, we all know that fires are an unfortunate risk of living in such an arid and sometimes windy environment. That’s why our units have an extra layer of protection against fire with fire-retardant walls. These walls are specially designed to keep any potential fires away from your items and help to stifle the flames so that the fire can be put out more easily. This results in better protection and more peace of mind for you!

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Weather- and Water-Resistant

While Colorado is definitely an arid climate, we get some wild weather throughout the year. From heavy, wet snowstorms when they hit in late spring to wind storms and blizzards in the winter and even tornados in the warmer months, we see our fair share of potentially damaging weather conditions. That’s why Eagle Crossing Self Storage has made sure to build weather-resistant layers and water-resistant layers into the insulation of our units, keeping your belongings safe and unharmed by weather.

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Climate-Controlled Unit Options

Of course, all of these protections against the elements only go so far if the heat and the cold of the seasons will still significantly affect your belongings. That’s why Eagle Crossing Self Storage offers climate-controlled units to help keep everything safe, secure, and working the way they should. If you have any sensitive items that are affected by climate fluctuations, like musical instruments, film, crafting materials, or anything else, you can easily keep them protected in our tough-built, climate-crontrolled units, which are available in multiple sizes!

At Eagle Crossing Self Storage, we are dedicated to protecting the items that you choose to store in our units, which is why our units are built tough to withstand the harsh Colorado climate. From the ground up, our units include commercial-grade materials, resistance to fire, water, and the weather, and we can even offer safe storage for sensitive items like musical instruments! Learn more and get started with your storage solutions online today!