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4 Tips To Give Yourself More Space In Your Home

Do you constantly feel like you are running out of room in your home? Is your closet a cluttered mess, and are your cabinets stuffed to the brim? It’s time to get organized and free up some space! Eagle Crossing Self Storage is here to help you! Keep your extra belongings in a handy self storage unit! Our location in Windsor is conveniently located, and we offer climate controlled units. Read our tips below to free up some room, and contact us today to reserve your own unit.

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When you live in Colorado, you need a lot of different options to accommodate the different weather changes each season. This can make your closets and dressers fill up quickly, and it’s easy to run out of space. Separate all of your clothes by season and keep the boxes that are out of season in a storage unit! That way your closets aren’t clogged with coats and boots in the summer, and your drawers can be reserved for cozy pants in the winter.

Here are a few items it may be a good idea to keep in your home at all times just in case the weather is unpredictable:


Workout clothing

Light jackets

All-weather shoes


Sometimes your closets, cabinets, and drawers can feel extremely cluttered simply because they are not organized very well. If you have any storage areas that feel overcrowded, purchase a few organizers, baskets, or bins that will allow you to give a home to all of your belongings. As you’re doing this, you may even find a few extra belongings that you don’t need anymore like dishes, games, or tools. If you find a few things that are sentimental or you only need every once in a while, consider putting them in storage so you can easily access them, but they aren’t taking up precious space in your home.


Decorating for all of the holidays can be extremely fun, but the boxes can start to get out of hand. Putting your Christmas tree, Halloween lights, Thanksgiving wreath, birthday banners, and anything else in storage will free up room in your garage or closet! When you organize your boxes this way, it will also be much easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


As you’re putting your belongings away, be sure to label them! Keeping your items organized will make it much easier to locate anything you need as you are searching for it in your home or in your self storage unit.

Get in touch with Eagle Crossing Self Storage today, and we can help you free up some space in your home. We offer climate controlled units, 24-hour security, and high-security cylinder locks. Call us now to reserve your unit and discover which size unit is right for your needs. We love serving Windsor and can’t wait to declutter your space so you can enjoy your area!