Moving, storing your precious belongings in boxes, and entrusting others with your items can be stressful. Whether you’re using a self-storage unit for just a couple months or for an extended period of time, complications can arise. That’s why, in today’s post, we’re going to look at our top tips for using a self-storage unit to ensure you have peace of mind and your belongings are kept safe.

At Eagle Crossing Self Storage in Windsor, you can count on us to care for your items while you are away. Whether you’re in the middle of a move or simply don’t have space for all of your extra decorations or furniture, we can help! Our friendly staff maintains a constant watch on our premises, and with the option of a climate-controlled unit, you never have to worry about your possessions being damaged. Contact us today to reserve your unit or to learn more!

Properly Pack Your Items

While some things, like clothing or tough household items, may not need special care, it is always smart to package the more valuable items carefully. This is especially true for things like dishes or electronics. Use bubble wrap or newsprint paper to keep your valuables cushioned and safe in one piece.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

Is a box getting too full? Don’t add more! It may be time to secure what is in the box or place those items into a smaller box. You want to avoid injuries and soreness, so don’t make any box too heavy. If it is unavoidable due to item size, be sure to get someone to help you lift your boxes.

Try To Get Uniform Boxes

If possible, getting uniform cardboard boxes or plastic containers will make it much easier to stack and store your items in your self-storage unit. If your boxes are all different sizes, the stack may be unsteady and easily tumble.

Lock Your Unit

While our team utilizes professional security monitoring to keep your belongings safe, there is little that can be done if you do not have a lock on your unit. Each of our units is equipped with a high-security cylinder lock that uses drill-, strike-, and pick-proof locks.

Don’t Store Perishables

Items like food and other perishables are not a good fit for your self-storage unit. Not only can they start to smell awful if they begin to go bad, but they can eventually damage your other items in the unit and invite unwanted guests like rodents or bugs.

Utilize Pallets

If you are able to get some pallets, they can be a helpful addition to your unit. While we keep our Windsor storage facility clean and dry, you never know exactly what the Colorado weather will do. Having your belongings on pallets keeps them dry and well aerated, providing airflow throughout your unit and items.

Pack Your Unit Like A Fridge

What we mean by this is that you should place your most frequently used items in the front so they are easily accessed, while you can keep less used belongings toward the back.

Reserve Your Unit Today

If you are ready to get a self-storage unit for yourself in Windsor, get in touch with Eagle Crossing Self Storage! We would be happy to help you store your items while you cannot, and we can answer any questions you may have.